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Please make reservations at least 2 weeks in advance.  Requests without 2 weeks notice may be charged an additional $10.00.

Payment for services is due at the initial “Meet and Greet”.  The Meet and Greet is free and will take 45-60 minutes. 

Payment for subsequent service can be left at the home for pick-up on the first visit. 

Reservations are not confirmed until you receive a confirmation e-mail or speak to me personally.

CREDIT ONLY, good for one year, for cancellations will be:

   Cancel 2 weeks in advance of starting date-100%
   Cancel 1 week in advance of starting date-75%
   Cancel up to the day before starting date-50%
   Cancel day before starting date-25%
   Cancel on starting date-no credit

Cancellation of continuing, daily visits will be credited to the next service period.

No refunds for “early returns” on vacation sits, but credit will be applied of the unused portion.

I realize sometimes things happen, and plans need to be changed.  However, once I’ve blocked off time for your pet, chances are I’ve had to turn away other clients.  I’ve tried to be fair when it comes to these policies.

Keys will not be left in your home on the last day to ensure pets are not left unattended if you are detained unexpectedly. 

Any additional visits required until you return will be charged at the daily rate, and payment for the additional days must be made within 14 days of return.
Trips to retrieve/return keys will be charged $10.00.  Frequent clients normally leave a key with me for continued use.
Keys will be controlled and secured, and NEVER marked with your name, address or phone number.

It is important to note that weather conditions may dictate modifications on any given day.  Leash walks will not be done in conditions that are hazardous to either pets or humans, including, but not limited to, thunderstorms/lightning.  Also, the duration of walks may be adjusted during certain weather conditions (especially when it is very hot) to prevent any discomfort or injury to your pets, at the discretion of the walker. 

All dogs will have the opportunity to potty, but will never be forced to walk for lengthy periods in any conditions that cause them to suffer needlessly, or become stressed or fearful.
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